Lift Backup System

Product Specification

Automatic Lift Backup System, Lift Backup Inverters, Power Backup System For Lifts, Lift Battery Back-Up System, Smart Backup System
For decades the concept of power back up design was only fuel operated Generators. Most buildings today have at least one Lift/Elevator system connected to an emergency generator. When the utility power goes out, some generators can create problems for the solid-state components in a modern Lift. The problem is that older generators have difficulty responding to the rapid changes in current required by solid-state Lift drives. The result can be variation in Lift system voltage and frequency. Both can damage components in the Lift control system. Some automatic systems like Automatic Backup System, Lift Backup Inverters, Power Backup System, Battery Back-Up Systems, Smart Backup System and more.
The change in time and advanced technology paved a unique way of storing and using power for automatic and instant backup thus giving rise to the age of power inverters.
We, LDS, offer wide range of power backup solutions like Emergency Backup System, which is micro controller based pure sine wave output to support any kind of motors load in three phase ranging from 10KVA to 150KVA.

Key Benefits

  • Pure Sine Wave with instantaneous wave form correction output available in three phase balanced and unbalanced load.
  • Robust design can handle high inductive (motors) load and has an inbuilt heavy duty battery charger with APFC.
  • Choice of backup duration from minutes to several hours.
  • IGBT based SPWM technology gives high reliability.
  • Can operate staircase and parking lights and water pump in option to Lift.
  • Economy - Low operating cost as compared to Generators.
We shall strive relentlessly to offer customers greater value for money and endeavor to give total and precision-based power control into the hands of our customers. Simply, to keep total control over customer satisfaction right in our hands without compromising on quality, of course. After all, total customer satisfaction is not just a slogan for us, it;s our credo.