Battery Charger

IGBT based PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) battery charger is the latest technology which we are using at LDS. Unlike phase controlled rectifier i.e. thyristor based it minimizes the harmonics being induced into the utility line thus improves the input power factor with the optional harmonics filters, power factor is enhanced to levels close to unity. This provides great advantage to the users and eliminates the inherent problems of conventional system.
The LDS charger is an isolated boost converter which provides constant voltage and constant current with negligible voltage and current ripples enhancing battery life.
We shall strive relentlessly to offer customers greater value for money and endeavor to give total and precision-based power control into the hands of our customers. Simply, to keep total control over customer satisfaction right in our hands without compromising on quality, of course. After all, total customer satisfaction is not just a slogan for us, it;s our credo.