Frequency Unit Converters

Available in pure sine wave .The power station frequency unit converters are also full time power conditioners. These units can take any power from 46 to 440 hertz and convert it to either 50 or 60-hertz power at the same time they regenerate the ac waveform, they regulate both the output voltage and frequency. This unit also serves as a ups allowing the use of commercial computer equipment on board. Frequency Converter accepts 3-phase, 400-hertz aircraft power and produces 1 phase, 60 hertz allowing standard hospital equipment to be used on various aircraft in emergencies.
We shall strive relentlessly to offer customers greater value for money and endeavor to give total and precision-based power control into the hands of our customers. Simply, to keep total control over customer satisfaction right in our hands without compromising on quality, of course. After all, total customer satisfaction is not just a slogan for us, it;s our credo.