Voltage Regulator

Product Specification

Static voltage regulator (SVR) is based on coil selecting principle using electronic switch, which means supplying the consumer machine with transformer coils inside of it. Power systems are regulated when the static regulator very quickly respond (at 350v/second) to fluctuations in power to create a constant voltage.
Traditional servo voltage stabilizer correction speed is as fast as 70v/second. The lds static regulators are designed to have wide input voltage range and reliable output voltage stability thus making the electrical systems safer. Lds static regulators are controlled by microprocessors usually function automatically, though they also have features designed to allow the owner of the regulator to take manual control. We, lDS, offer wide range of static regulator capacity ranging from 5kva to 500kva.
We shall strive relentlessly to offer customers greater value for money and endeavor to give total and precision-based power control into the hands of our customers. Simply, to keep total control over customer satisfaction right in our hands without compromising on quality, of course. After all, total customer satisfaction is not just a slogan for us, it;s our credo.